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The Cost Of Tutoring

The Cost Of Tutoring

“Tutoring” Prices That Are Too Good To Be True…

Is your child’s future worth it?

Within the last few weeks I have had a number of parents inform me that they can get tutoring at £20 an hour or that they had previously been paying £20 an hour and they were unhappy with the progress their child was making and the style of tutoring provided for them. Over the years I have heard this time and time again. Continue reading to find out why cheap tutors can be extremely costly in the long term and how Mindfulness Tutoring achieves exceptional results year after year, (when the rest of the country had its lowest results since 2008), no matter what level the students come in on.

The Hard Truth About Cheap Tutoring

Many Tutors providing £20 an hour lessons, have little or no experience teaching (after all tutoring is teaching) While I appreciate their industrious nature, many of these so called tutors are school leavers looking to make some pocket money to either fund their hobbies or college course.

The damage this can cause children of all ages is unbelievable- It strikes at a very deep level, destroying confidence, causing frustration and anxiety, and ultimately jeopardizing their future!

More Common Than You Think

You’re probably thinking, “That’s insane! Who would put their child’s education in the hands of someone with NO TRAINING?!” You’d be right…

…however, we at Mindfulness Tutoring know this to be true because we have helped these exact same students get back on their feet, and on track for success, taking them from Level 2 and 3 to straight 5’s and C’s and D’s to straight A’s (4 and 5’s to 9’s in the new terms).

Current Education is Upside Down

What we learn in working with countless students over the years is that the current education system is totally upside down. Children are stressed out, and their grades are continuing to fall. The “Tutor’s” with no experience are a symptom of a larger problem. The blind leading the blind…

That’s exactly why we developed a program specifically for students who are struggling in a broken system. It repairs the damage done my inadequate, uninspired and untrained tutors, while empowering the child to take control of their own education.

Extraordinary Results

Imagine that your child actually regains their enjoyment of the learning process in and out of the classroom. Honestly, I wasn’t sure this was even possible, but our results continue to speak for themselves.

We provide highly skilled tutors who help your child to develop confidence and use teaching strategies well recognised by the school system. But we have some hidden success secrets as well- strategies the school system has never used- AND THEY WORK.

These secret strategies are founded on many, many years of practical experience both in and out of the classroom. I have looked at education in this country and throughout Europe and pulled the very best formulae together that enables EVERY child to learn and achieve.

I have had extensive training in understanding the human mind and how we learn and therefore I have been able to produce a unique strategy that is available nowhere else but Mindfulness Tutoring.. (See our customer reviews and hear about student’s results and progress).

If you are happy as a parent to fund a child’s college course or pay for their next play station game, at your child’s expense then our tutoring is probably not for you.

But, if you require real teachers, real results and enjoyable learning that makes a difference in everyday life then give us a call, places are limited.

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